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When he stood up to give me his seat, I couldn't refuse and I stayed for one beer.

Also, how do you get to your mid-50s without ever once having had less than fully emotionally involved sex? I won't really go beyond the Loop on this visit, but that's ok. The interview was on Tuesday, not even a week ago, so I don't expect to hear anything yet. Here, at the conference, I've told a couple of people that I'm looking around for something new. I think I'm hoping..I get the offer of the job in Seattle.The weather will be cool but not freezing--so perfect for a sweater or two (well, probably one--I have to leave enough room in my bag to bring home enough Icelandic yarn for a NEW sweater). Back on the dating front, I signed up for a new pay-site and am having absolutely zero luck. I guess the answer is yes--they can be administered internally by penises.A pretty great seeming guy emailed me, but never responded when I wrote back. On the free site, I got a couple of nibbles but sent one guy running for the hills when I answered his very short opener with a 200 word essay. No, he didn't use those words.) He got kind of defensive and said he wasn't asking for sex, and he'd never had a one-night stand or ever had "sex" without emotional involvement (he used the quotation marks--what does that mean?? So, wait, does this mean that his so called "shared touch" could include hands only actions that some would interpret as sex (or "sex")? In my knitting, I seem to hit a kind of critical mass when I have many projects going or planned.