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Fix me up essays on television dating and makeover shows

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Her frenemy, La Cienega started the rumor, and another rumor spreads about La Cienega trying to steal Myron away from Penny.Penny is bored sick of her mother's veterinary job on "Go To Work With Your Mother Day", until a magician with a very despondent tiger shows up at the clinic.

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When a rich new family moves in next door to the Prouds, the parents hit it off right away, but Penny can't get along with their luxurious but vain daughter La Cienega, who tries out for cheerleading with Penny.

Whether she and her best friend, Jane Lane, were waxing philosophic about being judged on their looks, or Daria and Jodie Landon (more on her later) were discussing the school dynamics at Lawndale High, plenty of the female characters spent the majority of their time not consumed with crushes on boys.

Because of that, it allowed for more interesting conversation and character development, and reminded teenage girls that there is more to life than being someone's girlfriend.

From the first time we open a book of fairy tales, we learn that beauty is destiny, and when we grow up, we’re told that this destiny is ours to command.

If we can consume wisely enough to be beautiful and fashionable, we can transform everything about ourselves.