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Theirs is a girl-meets-girl-and-fall-in-love story we still don't hear enough about.Alex Simon, sports editor of Elon's Pendulum newspaper, has written an engaging and insightful feature on the two women, how they met, the support they received on campus and how their relationship dynamic affected them as athletes. These are the best towns in North Carolina where LGBT individuals and families can find a warm community: With a population of less than 90,000, Asheville is just barely over a tenth the size of Charlotte and a fifth the size of Raleigh.Starting from with those numbers, Asheville would be hard-pressed to come up with a large number of gay and lesbian residents.The city does, however, have the highest percentage of gay and lesbian households in the state, with gay males making up 0.7 percent and lesbians making up 1.1 percent of households.Asheville's Blue Ridge Pride Festival has even been named one of the best in the world by CNN. Performing Arts Collective even specializes in socially-conscious theater. Henry's, is the longest continuously-operating gay bar in North Carolina and now comes complete with a dance club.

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