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Dating the exodus

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One of the most important considerations is what the Biblical writers themselves said about the date of the Exodus.Chapter two will consider both the Old and New Testament writers concerning the Exodus.[1] And indeed, separating history from theology in the Exodus question is not an easy task.For example, the Pentateuch's story of the events that led to the Exodus employs, as an integral part, the narrative of the Ten Plagues (Exodus -).The last chapter will focus on the archaeological evidence that has been found that best fits into the chronology of the Exodus.

Meyers Introduction Chapter 1- Ancient Writers Jewish Writers Secular Greek Writers Early Church Fathers Chapter 2 Old Testament Writers New Testament Writers Chapter 3 Archaeological Evidence Conclusions Works Cited This book is a result of my dissertation entitled "The Date of the Exodus in Ancient Writings." The first chapter deals with three major groups of ancient writers.The purpose of this paper is to show that most of the ancient writers equated the Exodus with the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt around 1570-50 BC Most ancient writers put the Jews in Egypt for 215 years or less.All took the 400 or 430 years to cover the time in Egypt and Canaan.[Home Page]   [Passion Week Dating]   [Dan 9 Timeline: God's Accounting System for Time (w/added info on Exodus dates), from Adam forward]   [Gene Yrs.xls, Worksheet Adam-Christ w/macro 490s |   [Post-30AD Acctg History]    [Bible Mistranslation Problems (i.e., on Jochebed)]   [NT Interpretative Keys] | Wrong Questions get wrong answers |  Check Bible: Sources, relevant Pharaonic data, Methodology| | Check Bible: alerts scholars should notice | | A for Avoidance: why is the most venerated Pharaonic line.. | | B for Baptism: Why is the "mose" moniker, unique to that same dynasty, blotted out? | | F for Foul Play: why Neferure's early death? | | G for God's Consistent Dating: why ignore Bible, when it's consistent? | | E for Eclipsed reign: Why only 9 campaigns for Amenhotep II?God has an Accounting System for Time that is always used every time He dates something anywhere in Bible, and by that system, you get an absolute chronology from Adam through Christ. So there's this incredible divergence over the Exodus Date, and all of the divergence just ignores what Bible has to say. It's shocking, since a whole lot of time and effort has gone into trying to date the Exodus by Bible-lovers and Bible-haters, alike.