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Although these services are located on a single page, you can use them separately, e.g., chatting without watching video and watching live video without chatting.

How to stop tweets from updating facebook status

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[If Facebook suddenly started publishing your tweets, go into Facebook and REMOVE or BLOCK the Twitter application.

Next log into your Twitter account by entering your Twitter username and password 4.A few third-party apps have done this in the past, but Facebook has been meticulous at blocking them.The company has always wanted to keep content shared on Facebook strictly on the social network.In this case I suggest you to use Selective tweets Fb app which will give you the control to show only selected tweets which will be triggered using a hashtag #fb.There have been a lot of people asking me how I am able to use Twitter and have my latest tweet also appear as my Facebook status. There may be some time lag, but it seems to be working fine for me.It's all part of the company's new Subscriptions feature: not only is the social networking giant letting you subscribe to Facebook users who you aren't friends with, and not only is it letting you offer your own public updates to Facebook users who aren't your friends, but it is also letting you send your public Facebook status updates to a linked Twitter account.