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in the below picture, the USB connector is on the left side of the picture.

The Kinect's AUX cable plugs into the right side of the picture.

if you don't have the power supply, you can pick up a cheap imitation power supply via Amazon, Ebay, or any number of retailers.

Or you can pick up an official power supply directly from Microsoft via the Microsoft store or customer support.

Well, with it printing out 3D busts and telling wonderful colorful stories and controlling hordes of mini humanoid robots, why not, right?

Japan’s Actinia Software has released a new tool to export motion data recorded with Microsoft’s Kinect gaming peripheral as BVH files suitable for use in 3D software, Max Underground reports.

My objective to this interface is to help streamline the creative process for musicians, composers, and digital artists wishing to get up and running with the Kinect.

Last week, I visited Alt Space VR’s offices in this city 27 miles south of San Francisco for a demo.

- Removed oddly formatted controls for individual joint settings - Moved OSC output settings to the Vitruvian interface tab for OSC.

Kinect-Via-Synapse README @author Jon Bellona Thanks for tuning in!

Alt Space VR, a startup developing shared VR spaces — places where people from across the globe can gather to do things like watch movies, the Super Bowl, or have meetings — may be the first to combine Kinect with Oculus, at least in a commercial application.

That’s the rationale for the newest feature of Alt Space VR’s Oculus virtual reality environments — an integration of Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor that recognizes your arm and body movements and translates them to your virtual doppelganger.