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Note that this information is based on my research with the Jelly Bean (4.1 & 4.2), ICS (4.0) and Gingerbread (2.3.4) versions of Android and two major U. In such cases, your comments and insights are welcome.

Finally, a disclaimer: I have no formal understanding of any of the intricacies of CDMA technology and therefore cannot guarantee the correctness or accuracy of this information. I cannot be held responsible for any damage or legal consequences resulting from or related to the application of this information.

When something’s amiss, or if you simply need to add more minutes to your plan, this is usually the number you’ll call.

1-800-922-0204: This is the number for when dialing the number.

I was recently able to figure out the answer to this question when I successfully flashed a CDMA phone from Sprint to Verizon (an exploit documented in Flashing a Sprint Nexus S 4G to Verizon).

As I have not been able to find a compilation of this information elsewhere, I am writing up this document in the hope that it will help others with flashing phones or porting ROMs to different carriers. Hence, it may not be applicable to other phones or carriers; in particular, the section about CDMA chips do not apply to CDMA phones that require a SIM card, such as some Verizon Wireless LTE phones.

Refreshing the balance is only needed on Cricket Paygo accounts, where you must keep a balance in the account to keep your phone active.All of this information is stored directly inside the chip (unless you have a Verizon Wireless LTE phone with a SIM card), and not on any file system controlled by the OS; this is why even after a factory reset (which formats the internal flash file system) these settings persist.It is (I believe) not possible to change the information stored on the CDMA chip from the OS itself; instead, carriers provide a special number (e.g., *228 for Verizon Wireless) that, when called, will transfer the information to the chip. Software such as CDMA Workshop, DFS, QXDM/QPST can be used to read / write information stored on a CDMA chip from a computer.All Cricket users should refresh the PRL on their phones every few months.The PRL informs the phone about changes in roaming agreements, so it knows which towers to pick up service from while roaming. Sign up for automatic top-up service as another alternative for adding more funds.In my last post, I covered my review of the Verizon i Phone 4.