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The project is currently in the proposal stage, with no specific groundbreaking date.

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And apparently, she shaved half of her head quite some time ago.jessi, or should we say James, announced that she no longer wants to be a SHE..a he!The group released several EPs and a remix album as well before announcing they will be disbanding in 2016.Despite this, in a You Tube video by Vanity himself, titled "Why did BOTDF breakup?"I got WAAAAAY more to tell" Ok go on continue with your rumors... writing meme PS IGNORE HOW IT ALL SAYS 1 NEXT TO EACH QUESTION THANKWhat piece are you most proud of? Represents 11 years old me, yea, but not the me now. In one video Dahvie was wrapped in tape with J-Bigga and when he got unwrapped He came to Jayy.

While on tour, Dahvie Vanity met Garrett Ecstasy, who soon joined the duo. Also the name of my account now doesn't represent me anymore. Along with some old memories I rather forget and groups I am no longer interested in being apart of (botdf, kesha, etc)So on that very last note, I have made an exclusively FINAL result on a new account. You know this account been with me for 3 years now, including my weeaboo years, my scene years, and etc.Jayy hugged him from the side and had his arm wound his waist and he kissed his head. One day,when Dahvie comes out of the closest and admits he's bisexual, Jayy will be there.And then then the world will have the first perfect couple Sadly,no. Dahvie said he is straight,but in my opinion I think he is secretly bisexual.Their 2012 album Evolution was the #1 dance album of the year. He started his first music project, Love the Fashion, with two friends in 2007.